Video Preparation Tips | Practice Practice Practice
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Video Ads reached 45% of the total US population. Web statistics show that your website will attract 62% more online traffic if there is a video component. Our production team will film you in a series of one-minute high definition videos that will dramatically change your business and astound you by the results!

Once you have your session time booked, please e-mail us a copy of your business bio so we can help you prepare the questions for filming. It is important that you consider and write down the most frequently asked questions you are asked in your business. This is what we will work with during your session. Your initial 30-minute session will go as follows:

5 MIN Get ready for the camera, fix hair, etc.

5 MIN Discuss Q & A with interview host

15 MIN Video shoot

5 MIN Replay (if time allows)

Once the shoot is done, we will be in touch with you to view the final proof prior to web launch. If you would like to book subsequent sessions, there are packages available. Ideally, you will want to shoot a total of 10 one-minute videos.  This is all about what WE can do to help YOU grow YOUR business!

Preparing for your video is simple if you follow a couple of easy tips from a videographer's secret success book.  Television actors practice their lines and you need to do the same. You may know your business and what it entails, but when you walk into the studio wearing a bright red sweater with hot pink pants and bright green socks, almost everyone in the room will want to escort you to the nearest emergency exit. On a more realistic note, regardless of your business colors, red ( or any combination/hue of red) looks VERY saturated on camera, making your face look blushed and everything else look off-color. Dress in a professional manner, avoid busy patterns, and try to stay neutral with colour. Download our "What to Wear Guide" for more tips.

So there you have it. Come prepared, be on time and most of all, relax and have fun. This could be the very video that takes your business to the next level! See you soon! LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!
For questions or bio submission contact us here.