What can Innovative Business Solutions do for my Business?
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Innovative Business Solutions Helps Grow Your Business

Over the years we have often been asked the same question. What is it that Innovative Business Solutions does? To which our short answer is always, "everything." Naturally that answer is never considered as adequate, which then leads to a lengthy conversation and explanation of what it is Innovative Solutions really does, which truly is everything when it comes to getting a job done.

Every organization has its origin.  Innovative Business Solutions goes back over a decade. Its humble beginnings were based in operational efficiencies projects. In layman's terms we helped companies become more competitive, efficient and  save money through a reduction in operational costs.

Targeting only this market didn't last too long; soon we began working with companies in different types of distress: sinking revenue, reorganization, restructuring, bankruptcy bailout and re-branding. As you can imagine, none of the processes were ever limited to enhancing production techniques or writing a few hundred page reports. These were serious down-in-the-trenches type of projects, which required us to find necessary solutions to ensure the company's survival for the sake of its owner and its employees. This process from project to project continued to encompass literally every aspect of the business.

With every business there is a need for a linear process from front to back. It all begins with branding, and the image. Once you have determined your brand, the next task is marketing. What do you want your customers to know about you and your products and services? Then there is presence - how your image is projected to your customers, through the internet, blogs, papers, periodicals, print, etc. This aspect of business literally changes every day and for this reason we usually keep rather busy.

As expected, tackling the latter required the development of a completely different team of specialists. Where we started with manufacturing specialists, we now have added marketing, branding, internet, web developers, photographers, videographers and more to the team. Why? It was a natural transition. Historically, the best example of a business changing with its customers' demand has been Canadian Tire.  For many years, their campaign was, "More than just tires." Innovative Solutions has followed a similar path. As each of our clients made specific requests for different and unique services, we would find the solution and if it went well and there was a fit, we built the service into our operation. Over the years we have added a technology team, operational specialists, as well as project managers to handle all that we do.

We may say we do everything, but what we really mean to say is that we do whatever is necessary to ensure the success of our clients' businesses. As a client of ours, you have the opportunity to deal with only one point of contact for virtually all of your business needs. From branding to marketing, internal to external technology requirements, operational efficiencies and logistical needs to production and service delivery strategies, all this can be accomplished by partnering with Innovative Business Solutions; your single source to build and grow your business.